Legalise, privatise, profit.....

Following on from another thread......... The three words in the title apply to the concept of Legalising both Drugs and Prostitution. Are you for or against this? Why? I believe that legalising it would protect drug users from getting 'bad hits' while...

What is death!!

Everybody has their own slant on the subject. Here is mine.

I've been a bit preoccupied

I apologize for not spending much time here and hope to catch up on threads in the near future........ I'm in Kentucky visiting my family...more specifically, my granddaughter...........I have a spoil her rotten and to get her first big...

Most annoying part of your job?

I work as an uncertified accountant. Mostly with older ladies, while I only 19. And I HATE when the ladies give me their work that they simply don't feel like doing.. Heh

The best part of Easter

[FONT="Comic Sans MS"][COLOR="Sienna"]... For me, it's Cadbury Eggs. ;D Yummmmmmmm. For my kids, it's the easter egg hunt I still put on for them even though they're teens because they have so much fun and don't want it to stop. Plastic eggs, filled...

oh, hey!

Im new here so check out my blog, or add me as a friend! Ill be sure to check out your stuff as well, thanks! Dej:p

Having a bad day?

Did you ever have one of those days when nothing went right no matter what you did? Think you were cursed? Then take a look at these and count your blessings....,0,1886333.photogallery And while you're at it,...

Your age and how you feel is your real age.

When someone asks my age or I have to answer it for whatever reason even with strangers I first hesitate and there is a moment of, 'but I'm really not that age.' I feel like telling them that I feel younger, think younger and in many ways am younger....

Other peoples prejudices effects on you and... hard it is to overcome them. Prejudices picked up/learned as a kid are hard to eliminate no matter what you have learned or realized. Harvard's Skinner, in the past has said that, "You can not unlearn, you can learn new things, but you can not...

Raffling Human Eggs

Fertility clinic to raffle off human eggs in �20k competition Daily Record, Mar 15 2010 By Lachlan Mackinnon HUMAN eggs are being raffled by a UK fertility clinic - with the winner getting to select the race, upbringing and education of the donor. The...

Trololo song

Here's the that's all over the internet. I saw this guy in an interview and he's genuine. That's his real style and he thinks he's kick ass cool. Oh and in case you want to (or need subtitles) .

April One Year and Counting.

(pst.... but this in big bold print for those who are older and cant see small print. This way they can participate too. After all not everyone who came here in April is young, cute and sexy like I am)


A search of the forums for "Facebook", incredibly, comes up empty. Are you on facebook?

Are you satisfied with your job?

I want to ask those who work if they are satisfied with their jobs, if yes, why... and if not, why not, because I am a business student in human ressources.

Your Job,Do You Really Work?

Do you really work,or do you sit at a desk or computer all day?Or,do you actually get up off your fanny perpindicular and do real work?