Break A Leg

You know the saying break a leg for stage actors,have you ever broken any parts of your body eg hand,leg etc. and how did it happen?

My wife is not happy

So, I just got a Playstation 3 and my wife mentioned that she'll probably never see me again (yea, I'm 30, but the games are fun)--but I'm thinking 'how can that be--that she'll never see me again?' DUH--I'll be in the living room :) Any PS3 fans out...

Gas Prices

Has anyone seen the Gas Prices? WHOA. They've reached an ALL TIME HIGH. Up to $4.25 in California. If you live there, I feel horrible! Here in NE its about $3.85.

Could you..... would you.......

Not a particularly nice thought but If it came to it, could you/ would you be able to give the order and sign the form to turn off a life support machine? It depends on the circumstances of course but I am all for quality of life over quantity.

President Of Thoughts

If you could vote for a member to be the thoughts president,who would you vote for and why.Right folks let the votes begin!

Letter To The Future

Have you ever considered writing a letter to yourself into the future and opening it when you get older,to see what you wrote and how your life has changed since?

An Apology

Recently, I've noticed that I've been much ruder in the forums, then I'd like to admit. Expecally in the religion forum. So if anyone sees me being rude, call me on it and tell me to be quiet. I'm sorry.

does this make you mad?

Why is that you want to slap the person when this happens: "Excuse me, you have something on your face (you know--trying to be nice and help)." You can never get them to rub the right spot--they always rub the mirror image and you just shake your...

What Events Are Going On This Summer?

So Can Anyone Tell Me What Is Going On This Summer? I'm In Seattle Right Now But It Tends To Be Boring Sometime And I Really Don't Want To Be Here This Summer? So If U Have Any Ideas Please Feel Free To Tell Me.

He thought I'm too fat..

At least he did until a few minutes ago. ........ To make a long story short, my boyfriend Abe thought I should lose my love handles, stomach, and thighs. He told me that about a week ago. wrong. I a recovering anorexic, until the guy of my dreams...

Are You A Good Kisser?

Do you think you are a really good kisser,or not bad,or really bad? Okay haha can't wait for these answers! Take it away my fellow members.