I graduated!

Yes folks, I graduated Cape Fear Community College with an associate in arts! I'm stoked. I've already been accepted into a 4 year school the University of North Carolina at Wilmington, and have many more credit hours that transfer there that weren't...

Have you heard?

bird is the word word word :) Anyways, i was wondering, has anyone heard of the "singularity"?

How to you "reset"?

I would imagine this would be more applicable to those of us with a few years under our belts, as I've never known youth to be concerned with "regaining ones perspective", but how do you "reset" yourself? What do you do to decompress and regain your...

Simialr or different ?

In the daily life and in the close relationships like brotherhood, friendship..............etc. who do you think will quarrel more? the similar couple or the different couple?

"No disrespect intended"

I have found myself adding this to almost every post that I reply to in some controversial threads....I shouldn't have to do this...it should be a given that my opinions are my opinions and are not a direct negative response to the opposing poster or...

More to life than just being alive

People go through their daily lives; their daily routines and have the perception that they are living their lives...all the while life passes them by....so busy doing all the right things to be successful, have nice things; all the while they are...

job completed

It took me about a week...but I finished all 32 articles...granted I didn't work on the feverishly every day...I took my time as I had until august 15th to do them...I delivered well in advance...over 32,000 words I wrote...holy shit..that's a lot. So...

Things about yourself

What are 5 things about yourself you like the Most and Least? What are 5 things about yourself you want to change and why? repost this as my 5 things

How many of us care?

Like who gives a damn? Is this actually considered NEWS in the new reality bestowed upon us by the media? They are saying the country has been dumbed down, I'm starting to believe it. Certainly the media has been dumbed down. m.

serious glitches

Not sure if this will even post...I guess everybody was locked out for a while..very strange... I think they're up to something and not telling us...:p

Best Moments in Life

Here are a few I have listed that are not in any particular order... feel free to add to the list: Best Moments In Life To fall in love. To have a child. To laugh until it hurts your stomach. To find emails sent by friends in the thousands when you...

Thinking of Someone

[FONT="Comic Sans MS"][COLOR="DarkRed"]Think of someone who has recently blessed or encouraged you by simply being him/herself. If you are comfortable here, please describe your experience and and what it did to help you. You do not have to answer this...

Coming to Terms

[COLOR="DarkRed"][FONT="Comic Sans MS"]Ok... A question here: In 1908, Lucy Maud Montgomery published an unforgettable work of fiction about an older couple who adopted an orphan boy but were sent an orphan girl instead. The couple decided to keep the...

Russia's Got Talent

Now...I'm not sure if this is staged or real and I've done some searches and have come up empty...if anybody can find out if this is real or just a bad advertisement for the can of drink he puts on his head...let me know.

testing a theory

Because the doc yesterday was so quick to show little concern for my symptoms....mainly the headaches and insomnia.....I decided to prove my theory. You see...the normal brain..with a well functioning pineal gland would release melatonin which is the...

Paddy's no stress, just good fun thread

I dedicate this thread to Paddy...may this thread be filled with laughter, stress free banter, and just good times.....everyone's invited, but leave your bad mood at the door... Let the party begin:D:D:D

A novel idea

Ok, so most of you know pretty much what I sound like from my songs...I sing much like I talk... It would be awesome to hear other people's voices....so here's what you do, if you have the capability. Get your mic and record yourself with an...