Why girls are so egotistical ?

They are so suck, disgusting, pitiful and pathetic when they are so.....:mad: A question for you guys : What do you do when girls act egotistically with you ? :confused:

You're on your own

That's what I keep telling myself... because when I fall and really need help I find no spread hands :( This world is so selfish. :mad:

Who is the box of your secrets ?

Who is the person that you always tend and feel free to tell him/her your secrets ? and what do you prefer more : to tell and rest yourself ? or to keep your secrets on your own ?

I'm Speechless!!

So Taegan is going to be 2 on the 12th of September, and Jim and I were curious about how much information he is picking up. We have a Sesame Street puzzle with all of the letters of the alphabet on each piece, so Jim put it together. We stepped back...

My friend called me

And said, "Grab your wife and get over here. I have something to show you!" A little girl about three hours old.

-Nosy Bitches-

Ugggghhhhh do you have any stupid annoying nosy bitches that you work with? Who have ABSOLUTELY no authority at all. On the same f'ing level as you.. and yet they try to tell you what to do... In a fucking IM right as they're leaving work so I can't...


FEMALE POEM I want a man who's handsome, smart and strong One who loves to listen long. One who thinks before he speaks One who'll call, not wait for weeks. I want him to be gainfully employed, When I spend his cash, be not annoyed. Pulls out my chair...

Could you live the simple life now ?

No car, no television or radio etc etc. It would drive me mad not to have a tv and computer now. I've owned 3 mobile phones and lost all three and found out that I actually prefer just having my home phone but I doubt if I could give up anything else.

Irrational feer/hatred

The key word being 'irrational" What is that one thing you hate or fear irrationally?

Sigh of relief

What prompts you to exhale a big oh sigh of relief? Today, it was the end of computer camp. Everything that could go wrong with the closing presentation, did..and yet the kids still had a good time.

A Blast From the Past

Sqw the Turtles Forever movie last night, it was a made for tv movie that bridged the divide between the original "awesome" cartoon, and the less enjoyable current one. Brought up a mention of everything related to Ninja Turtles except, of course, the...

First quarter,

First quarter, both sides rely on free-kick got three points, jet Nick falk kicked in the red one's free-kick, 45 yards graham's play in 27 - add code free-kick. The second quarter, the red one with 42 yards on 6-3 lead free, jet is a security get two...

they are going back

some may already be back to school. were you able to get away with the children this summer or was it all work, work and more work ? at one time there was some thoughts to having children attending school all year long. parents were unhappy with this...