So whats everybody dressing up as?   Jake picked out his costume a few days ago, he's gonna be a knight, imagine that, but it was the one he wanted, he's got a helmet and a sword, I just need to find him a sheild. :)


is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Girls please, get those mammagrams every year, and do those self exams, I know after the scare I had last year, I will be.   To all those who have been through this, are going through it now, or have lost...

I give up

Someone call me or e-mail me when they find a fix for the bright white page in the groups. .Headaches I can get from posters, I don't need it from the page :) bad enough I have the page magnified 140% to read it. .Other than that it seems to be cool.

Georgia is American partner

Georgia is American partner. LOL It’s a mere vassal country! So Ladies and Gentlemen brave it and call a spade a spade. Smarties from D.C. forced president Saakashvili to make Georgia into site for conducting devilish biological experiments and...

In the Fog

Tried to post a photo but can't seem to get the damn thing to work..I uploaded it with no problem , its just putting it into a post that doesn't work..

Looks great!

I have been going thru the site and it looks great.  A little to get used to but back in action soon.

No misleading now

Well at least now when someone responds to some ones comment in a thread there won't be any doubt who it was intended for:) Hell the response to the comment could end up with more posts than the whole thread:)

Heros Come In All Shapes And Sizes

Today Sept. 29 is my moms birthday. She is 79 years old today. We were in town a few days ago and I went into a store and she stayed with Jake in the car. When I came back out, I see my mom standing outside of the car, her hand over her eyes to...

Until tomorrow then........

....... Its time for me to go get a few hours sleep so until tomorrow thoughtsters...... Have fun and I'll catch y'all later. (Dunno what Im gonna do on 3rd shift tonight now lol)

Goodbye to an Old Friend

Well today at noon the old look of Thoughts will give way to a new look, it has been interesting to watch Thoughts grow up over the last three years, its going to be hard to get use to seeing the Thoughts in its new glory but I will get use to it as I...


WTF do you put in your browser to even find the new thoughts?

if everyone here is happy....

with the forums as they are and so many seem to be leaving because of the changes, then why not keep this place as it is? Could someone else take it over and leave it for those who enjoy it here? I like the forums here as they are, where is everyone...

Thomas the Train

Hi all you moms! If you haven�t heard about this upcoming event, you need to check it out! My boys love Thomas the Train, and I am so excited! The N.C. Transportation Museum in Spencer, NC is having a huge event from Sept. 24-26 and Oct. 1-3, 8:30 am �...

my life

today I'm sad because my friends hate me im one of those kinds who get into drama whos with me?:cool:

goodbye to those I'll miss

Dabs - turned out to be a bit of twin soul will miss her humour and bolshy kindness AlfQueeda - clashed at first, then discovered mostly on same wavelength, will miss his wit and scathing observations. Donkeydust - for just being a salty old sea dog...


To feel this numb is so very cold. I'm alone...guess that news is old. All I want is to feel. All I want is somone real.

Play the Guitar

Ok so I found this video. You guys should totally check it out... very cool! Robert Randolph is pretty awesome for those of you that have not heard him before.

Comming and Going

Well tomorrows the Change over, So, to those of you who have decided not to cross over into the Unknowns of 3.0 I will wish you the best of luck and hope to cross paths with you again somewhere in this vast waste land of the internet. To those of you...

Alton Towers Tickets day out

Hey all, im going to alton towers soon for a day trip wondered if anyone had been recently been looking around for vouchers too. Cant wait to ride oblivion and hex anyone been on these? please post ya experience, ill probably be too scared to ride on...